Amazon is one of the first and biggest online affiliate place which was launched in 1996. Amazon Associates is an online affiliate marketing programs where you advertising millions of products from Amazon via your website and send your traffic to amazon. When they buy any product by using your link then amazon give you commission. This can be up to 10%.

So, amazon affiliate marketing mean that when you will sell amazon’s product in a method like from your website then amazon will give you a commission. This commission rate can be 4% to 10%. If you follow this method then, you are a marketer of amazon. For the newer the commission started from 4%.


Now you know what is amazon affiliate marketing but how this work? It may be a question or how to make money on amazon or what the process of earning money from amazon. Well, you need a product that you will sell. At first you need to find out the product that you are interested about that and love that. Now find the keyword that will be your key. After finding the keyword you need a website where you will post content reviews about the product which you already choose from amazon and content will be your keyword based. Then you should do some linking your website. I mean SEO for Google rank.

Because people search on the web like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Up to 90% people use Google for their online searching. So if your website don’t rank in Google, people never find your site and you won’t get any customer. If you don’t get any customer, you can’t sell any product. And without selling any product how you get commission from amazon.

So, when you will come in Google first page, people find you 1st and will go to your site. Here, one think remember, if anyone click your product link then they will redirect to amazon for this product and if they buy any product not your, that you are promoting no matter, you will get the commission. But this is for 24 hours. Because amazon give you 24 hours for every customer. If they buy any product within 24 hours, commission is yours.


Now you have a question that why you choose amazon for affiliate marketing? Yes, there’s so many affiliate program but amazon is the best. Who wants high competition? If someone come to you and told that you no need to do any work. Here unlimited money for you. You can use it as you can then what will be happen! That’s not my point. In amazon you will get low competition, Exact Match Search, Better Conversion Rate, Bulk Product Sale, Related Product on purchase Category and Amazon itself a sales page. So when you do amazon’s job and ranked your site in Google then you will get this person who will give you money to spend which you want.

Amazon Affiliate looks like this…

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How Much Amazon Pay:

  • Product Sold Less than 6 in a month = 4 % of total sales
  • Product Sold more than 6, Less than 31 = 6 %
  • Product Sold more 31 = 6.5 %
  • Product Sold more 110 = 7%
  • Product Sold more 320 = 7.5%
  • Product Sold more 630 = 8%
  • Product Sold more 1570 = 8.25 %
  • Product Sold 3130+ then = 8.5%

Note: Some time affiliate commission depends on Product Category